I'm Not A Fool * BAD BOYS BLUE (romanian)


You throw away the love we share.
You push me down and don't play fair.
You go and break my heart.

With broken ends no one will change.
We'll never ever rearrange.
But I, I will survive.

I'm not a fool.
I won't believe in your eyes.
You covered me with heartache when you're telling me lies.
But now I'm going to leave you behind.
I'm not a fool.
Now that you're treating me cruel.
Don't talk about emotions for I've heard it before.
And you won't bring me down no more.
I'm not a fool.

It's just a phase I'm going through.
Some nights or days when I'll be blue.
Don't think I'll call your name.
Don't think that I could never win.
So look at me for here I am.
I'll make you fade away.


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